Uganda Vizesi


  • 1. One duly filled application form by each applicant. / BAŞVURU FORMU
  • 2. Two passport size photographs attached to each application form. / 2 FOTOĞRAF
  • 3. Passport valid for at least one year from the proposed date of entry. / 1 YIL GEÇERLİ PASAPORT
  • 4. Bank receipt showing proof of correct visa fee payment into the Embassy’s Visa Account (Diplomatic Passport holders are exempted from this). / VİZE ÜCRETİ YATIRILDIĞINA DAİR DEKONT
  • 5. Confirmed hotel reservation and flight details  / CONFIRMELI OTEL REZERVASYONU
  • 6. Photocopies of passport (Pages 1, 45 and data page with picture) of the person who is inviting the applicant to be faxed from Uganda – If travelling for a visit. / DAVET EDENIN PASAPORT FOTOKOPISI
  • 7. Letter of introduction in English addressed to the Embassy, stating the the reason and the date of travel and where to stay in Uganda./ DAVETIYE
  • 8.Applicant’s Bank Statements for the last three months. / BANKA HESAP DÖKÜMÜ
  • 9. Applicants may be requested to submit additional supporting documentation. / İSTENEBİLECEK DİĞER EK EVRAKLAR

For Tourist/Student Visas, the following are required: / TURİST,ÖĞRENCİ VİZELERİ

  • 1. Applicant’s Bank Statements for the last three months. / SON 3 AYLIK BANKA HESAP DÖKÜMÜ
  • 2. Sponsor’s Bank Statements (if any) for the last three months. / SPONSOR BANKA HESAP DÖKÜMÜ
  • 3. Evidence of travel arrangements (booking details). / REZERVASYONLAR
  • 4. Leave Approval Letter from your Turkish employer/educational institution./İŞVEREN VEYA OKULDAN REFERANS MEKTUBU
  • 5. Please note that in addition to these requirements, you may be asked to give additional information by way of interview. / EK EVRAK ISTENEBILIR

For Business Visas, the following are required:

  • Copy of previous Ugandan visas obtained. / VARSA ESKI UGANDA VIZESI FOTOKOPISI
  • Letter of invitation/introduction written on the official paper of the company that invites / ANTETLI KAGIDA YAZILMIS DAVETIYE
  • Applicant’s Bank Statements for the last three months. / BASVURU SAHIBI SON 3 AY BANKA DOKUMU
  • Sponsor’s Bank Statements (if any) for the last three months./SIRKET BANKA HESAP DOKUMU
  • Signatory circular of the company/ İMZA SİRKÜLERİ FOTOKOPİSİ
  • Copy of company’s tax board / VERGİ LEVHASI FOTOKOPİSİ

Form : visa_form